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Need to Test Existing Bridge Foundations for reuse? 

Practical methods for testing deep pile foundations under a bridge, based on the following key products

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Attention all geotechnical engineers! 
We’re offering a world-class pile integrity test which makes it easier than ever to test deep foundation underneath a bridge. As a leader in the field, we’ve developed the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-use test on the market. 

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A Pile is tested under a bridge using the PET, pile integrity tester 

How many ways can you pile test under a bridge?

  1. Pile integrity test (PET)

  2. Parallel Seismic test (PSI)

  3. Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL-CHUM)

Each method has its own advantages and downsides.
Let’s take a deeper look

Pile integrity test method (PET)

​The PET method can test the integrity and length of a pile, giving professionals the basic measurements needed to gauge the complexity of the pile's integrity.

What PET users say

"We were up and running on the same day..." - WA, USA

Advantages of PET

The primary upsides of the PET method are how quick it is to conduct and how simple it is to master. 

Downsides of PET

​The disadvantages are a bit more complex than the clear advantages. Conditions need to be variable in order for the results to maintain accuracy. Plus, users need to achieve direct access to quarry a niche in the pile being tested.

"Have been using it for more than 10 years now and found it very reliable." - India

Parallel Seismic test method (PSI)


Unlike PET tests which can determine the length and integrity of a pile, PSI tests only measure the length. 

Advantages of PSI

PSI tests can be applied without direct access to the pile being tested while still delivering accurate measurements. 


Downsides of PSI

Other than only delivering the length assessment of a pile test, the other downside of PSI testing is the demand for the installation of a parallel access tube which isn’t easy or cheap.

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Cross Hole Logging (CSL) method (CHUM)


Cross Hole Loggin is another pile testing method that can provide accurate measurements of a pile’s length and integrity. 

What CHUM users say 

"We just tested 4000m of CSL sections in one day!" - Middleast

Advantages of CHUM (CSL)

The biggest advantage of the CSL method is its highly accurate results.

It can also show defects in 3D using tomography 

Downsides of CHUM (CSL)

Needs access above pile head location

Multiple holes (depending on pile size) needs to be cured in the pile, which is expensive and takes time. 

"We are lucky to have the CHUM, easy to use, get the results, and explain to client/consultant. " - Manila, Philippines 2022,

when buying his second CHUM after 14 years of use.

Some of our key customers


PET USB with a tablet PC

(Computer is not included)


PET Bluetooth with an Android phone

(Phone not included)

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PSI - Parllel Seismic Instrument

system compnenets 


Parllel Seismic test method

CHUM - Crosshole Logging equipment 


3D Tomography capability of the CHUM for presenting defects in green

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